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19 Dec

Introducing MEDOMENT!

Medoment brings together care providers and care receivers using its innovative online consultation booking management, teleconsultation and a patient portal onto a single platform.

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21 Dec

Is your hospital ready to adopt a “whatever it takes” mentality?

Leaders should adopt a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality in response to the imminent challenge of mass vaccination! In local hospitals, managing appointments for COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots can be tricky.


23 Dec

Break geographical barriers and transform your practice by expanding your reach and visibility with Medoment Patient Engagement Solution!


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25 Dec

Are your patients dissatisfied by the inefficiency of your current consultation/teleconsultation system?

Medoment’s innovative online consultation management & teleconsultation solution provides an efficient way to handle and manage all your consultations.



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27 Dec

How can healthcare organizations not only overcome the challenges of the pandemic but seize new opportunities for innovation and growth?

Link to blog post on Medoment

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29 Dec

Customer Satisfaction is the number One factor for growth in any industry.

Being a health care service provider, how would using a comprehensive patient engagement solution help your patients?


31 Dec

To better understand where the healthcare technology industry is going, studying key tech trends is paramount. Here are the key healthcare technology trends in 2021!

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