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Digital Zamboanga: Digital Marketing Stats and Trends 2020

Last year was a great year for digital marketers, particularly in Zamboanga City as there had been an increase in the number of companies and brands in the early majority stage of the digital marketing adoption cycle.

New digital marketing agencies have also emerged which is great news for the industry, and as we head into 2020, we at Plan A Digital Marketing is expecting a big jump not only in the number of internet users in Zamboanga City but also in the number of platforms that will be used based on existing data.

Below is a breakdown of these stats and trends:

  • Globally, the number of Internet users in 2020 will probably surpass 4.5 billion and will almost reach 5 billion.
  • In the Philippines, there are over 79 million Internet users as at June 2019.  That means, Internet penetration in the Philippines is around 73.1% of the total population and will probably reach the 85 million mark by then end of 2020.
  • The number of Facebook users in the country is around 71 million.
  • In Zamboanga City, the number of Facebook users will continue to increase. It currently sits at 700 thousand users.
  • Majority of Facebook users in Zamboanga City are females comprising around 54% (or = 380,000)
Digital Zamboanga Digital Marketing Stats and Trends 2020

The most liked local Facebook Pages by Zamboanguenos include Cong. Mannix Dalipe, GBP TV 11, Dora de Zamboanga, among many others.

If you are a Facebook marketer and your client’s Facebook Page gets an average of 1 organic Like every 30 days, that is perfectly fine because that is the current local average. Of course, you can increase in the number of Facebook Page Likes through advertising.

However, make sure that your content and creatives including videos and images are optimized for mobile view since majority of Zamboanga City Facebook users access the social network via Android phone.

As for the top digital marketing trends:

  • We will see local companies and brands start using Google Advertising to include Youtube Advertising as part of their strategic media buy.
  • There will also be Zamboanga City-based digital marketers who will start using Whatsapp as a digital marketing platform to re-engage with customers of their client’s brands.
  • Video marketing will continue to grow amongst local digital marketers.

Hopefully that’s given you a good sense of local Internet access trends and stats.

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